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Parishioners who wish to celebrate their marriage at one of our churches are asked to contact the Parish Office at least 10 months prior to the anticipated date and before any other arrangements have been finalized. Preparation course is required. For information about Marriage Preparation Courses in Archdiocese of Edmonton click here




The first step in planning to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage in our parishes is to meet with the parish priest for the initial interview. Please contact parish office to arrange for an appointment with priest at 403-845-3457. If you have a date in mind, please contact him well in advance. He might have bookings already more than a year in advance. NO DATES ARE SET OVER THE PHONE. This is to be done at the initial appointment with the priest.



All couples being married in the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Edmonton must participate in a Marriage Preparation Program. Premarital assessment/counseling may be also advised in some cases.

Marriage Preparation Programs are not offered by our parish. The couple is invited to participate in the courses offered by the Archdiocese of Edmonton or with Edmonton Catholic Engaged Encounter. Please note that classes are on a first come, first served basis. More information (brochures and dates of preparation sessions) can be obtained on diocesan website at: If you need more information please contact our parish office.



Immediately after the initial interview, please contact the church where you were baptized and ask them to issue an updated certificate of baptism which you must then deliver to parish office at Rocky Mountain House. This applies to persons baptized in other faith traditions as well as Catholics. If you were baptized in our parish our office will prepare the certificate for you automatically.



Your marriage registration form from the provincial government (Marriage License) is to be obtained no sooner than 90 days before your date of marriage from any registry office. Please deliver the license to our parish office in Rocky Mountain House at least two weeks before your wedding date.

If you want a certificate of marriage from the provincial government, you can apply for this at any registry office. You will receive a certificate of marriage from our parish office after the celebration of marriage on the day of your wedding.



Decorations (including flowers) are never placed on the altar. They may be placed with discretion around the altar and ambo. Pew markers may be attached with elastics or ties: no tape please. If you would like to donate any flowers from your marriage celebration to the church, you are most welcome to do so. No confetti etc. is to be used in the church or on the church grounds as it tracks in on shoes and is hard to get out of the church carpet. Sprinkling of artificial flower petals may be done during the entrance or closing procession. If you choose to do so you are asked to clean the church right after the wedding ceremony, so the church is nice and clean for our weekend Masses.



Please be on time for your rehearsal and marriage celebration. If you are late, it might mean rushing your celebration.



The Marriage Liturgy in the Catholic Church can be celebrated within the Mass or outside the Mass in a Liturgy of the Word Service. When a Catholic marries a person of another faith the Canadian Conference of Bishops and the Canadian Council of Churches (which represents Protestant Christian Churches as well as the Catholic Church) request that the celebration of these marriages takes place within a Liturgy of the Word, and not within Mass. This is so as not to emphasize differences on an occasion when we are celebrating a new unity of both the couple and their families.

In the new rite all are considered to be witnesses. Therefore there is no need for bridesmaids or groomsmen. Two people from the congregation can be named to sign the register. It is still permissible to have bridesmaids and groomsmen if you wish.




CHURCH: A donation for the use of the church you are being married in would be very much appreciated. Couples like to have an idea of how much to give. Donations vary from $100.00 - $200.00.

MUSIC: Please discuss the cost for music with the person(s) you have asked to provide the music.

MARRIAGE PREPARATION PROGRAM: The cost is dependent on which program you take.

PRIEST: Couples like to have an idea of how much to give - donations vary from $100.00 - $200.00


The best way to contact parish priest is by e-mail: pastor(at) or text.




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