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Rocky Mountain House - Evergreen - Caroline

Welcome to St. Matthew Parish in Rocky Mountain House

and Missions in Evergreen (Jesuit Martyrs Church)

and Caroline (St. Joseph the Workman Church)



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How to keep up your prayer life on summer vacation?






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Aug. 06, 2019 at 7.00 PM

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JULY 14, 2019




When God blesses, he blesses abundantly!

 As I sit down to write this thank you letter, I find even more cards waiting for me on my desk at the office. Itís all a little overwhelming. In fact I would honestly say that I feel almost undeserving of the amount of love that has been poured out and given to me. But isnít that what Jesus did for us on the cross! I know then that your love for me comes from him who also is with you. I was quite surprised by the amount of letters, cards, gifts, well wishes, and kind words Iíve received in the last week around my ordination to the deaconate. Not to mention the supersized card from St. Matthewís!! (I donít even know how to display that one!)

Itís all so much that I donít believe it would be possible for me to write a thank you note to each of you. But I want you to know that I am so thankful for every word you wrote, gift you gave, and prayer you raised up! It really touches my heart. Know too, that Iíve also been giving thanks to God every day for each and every one of you. And I was so happy to serve you as a Deacon on Sunday June 30th. I hope to be back in Rocky for a visit in around mid-August before having to return to seminary on August 25th.

 Thank you so much again and God bless,

 Rev. Mr. JD Carmichael



St. Matthew Church - Rocky Mountain House

MONDAY - JULY 29, 2019

01.00 PM - 03.30 PM

Workshop will be offered at St. Matthew Church, Rocky Mountain House, from 1.00 PM to 3.30 PM on Monday, July 29, 2019. This is mandatory for all parish adult members serving in leadership, and those who serve in the various ministries in our parish. (If you participated in an earlier workshop, you do not need to attend). Register at Parish Office at 403-845-3457 or with facilitators Ernie and Lorraine Murias at 403-845-4860. Thank you for taking time to ensure that our parish ministries offer a safe environment to all.


JULY 29 - AUGUST 02, 2019

Savio is a week-long Retreat for Teens being hosted near Rocky Mountain House, AB, Jul. 29 - Aug. 02, 2019. Open to everyone aged 14-17, Savio will be held at a rustic summer camp and the program will include teachings, sacraments, campfires and lots of really fun games. Cost is only $200. For more information call Peter at 403-848-0955 or email


AUGUST 03 - 09, 2019

Peter van Kampen, and several young people from Central Alberta, are going on a mission trip to Mexico City!  We are collecting donations of money, clothes and hygiene supplies to give to the poor who live in the dumps. We will also be visiting Our Lady of Guadalupe. For more information call Peter at 403-848-0955 or email

Check our fundraising website:


SATURDAY - SEP. 14, 2019 9.00 AM - 3.00 PM


Please drop off items to donate to the garage sale at St. Matthew Parish during office hours. No large furniture items please. Thank You on behalf of Knights of Columbus!

How to keep up your prayer life on summer vacation?

Life tends to slow down in the summer, and the temptation toward laziness (especially in prayer) reaches an all-time high. While vacation presents us with a wonderful and much-needed time to refresh, we shouldnít let our relationship with God fall to the wayside. So, wherever you find yourself this summer, follow these tips to keep your spiritual life from taking a vacation.

 KEEP IT CONSISTENT. Pick a time each day you like to pray and stick to it, even if youíre traveling. Maybe you like to pray while you brew your morning coffee, or while the kids nap. Praying at the same time each day helps cement the habit of prayer in your life, and that habit will carry you throughout the whole year. Iíve personally found that the best time for prayer while traveling is in the morning. Sacrificing a little time in your morning ensures that you get the time you need with Jesus before the excitement of the day distracts you.

PRIORITIZE MASS. Getting to Mass while on vacation isnít always easy, but you should at least prioritize Mass on Sundays. When planning your trip, research nearby Catholic churches where you can fulfill your Sunday commitment. Many parishes also offer weekday masses that can fit easily into your summer schedule, while still leaving time to enjoy time in the hammock or at a cookout with friends and family.

ADD A SPIRITUAL READ TO YOUR LIST. If reading at the beach is your jam, why not pick up a book that will help your spiritual life flourish? We can learn so much about the faith through writings from saints, theologians, and other holy men and women. Adding a spiritual book to your summer reading list edifies both your mind and your soul. It can foster a greater knowledge of God and can help deepen your relationship with Him.

USE YOUR TRAVEL TIME WISELY. Everyone knows that getting there is half the fun! Whether youíre flying or taking a good old-fashioned road trip, you can use that travel time to deepen your relationship with God. You can pray a family Rosary or nourish your soul with a Catholic podcast.

HAVE AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. Every Catholic can benefit from having someone else keep them accountable to their prayer commitments, especially in those summer months. Ask your spouse or a trusted friend to check in with you once a week to see how your life prayer life is, and be honest. Whether you are succeeding or struggling, you can find encouragement in your journey toward holiness through your accountability partner.


Watch this video about our seminarian JD Carmichael

JD Carmichael had his whole life planned out. A great career, a house, and plenty of outdoor hobbies. Watch to find out why it all changed when he felt God was calling him to something more!

Our parish invites you individually or as a family to say the rosary with the help of the internet. "Come Pray the Rosary" is a perpetual rosary that allows people to say the rosary together on the internet. You can join with others and say the rosary in progress, or start it individually by choosing the mystery you want to say. Through this website, you can follow along as the Rosary is recited, with the visual aid of video from the Holy Land. You can literally see the places where the mysteries take place! You also can keep track of how many other people, around the world, are joining you in prayer. By clicking on the number of people praying and then the map, you can actually see the location of those you are praying with on a map. Please check out this great website at

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The B.C. Catholic - Catholic newspaper from the Archdiocese of Vancouver, BC

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